Solon's Pirates.

Solon, (c. 638 – c. 558 BC) was a ship owner businessman and was the first non
Theologian or Poet to rule Greece.

He was elected due to his victory of the Megarians and capture of Salamis Island
which came about soley to his astute seamanship using cunning sea tactics.

Immediately after his election in Athens, he put down what is known as the 10 laws
of Solon which are well documented but one of which was the little known law
creating the formation of the Association of Peiran.

This association would bring together and unite all independent, private and singular
sea goers, such as root fish traders, Privateers, rogues, robbers, adventurers,
explorers et al. In fact the good the bad and the ugly of the seas at that time, all
brought together as one.

This was perhaps his most astute decision of all. In one stroke he put an end to the
chaos that ruled the seas of the eastern mediterranean at that time which was still a
fully unexplored area.

He then commissioned three large ships and sailed off with a crew of Peiran on a 10
year exploration voyage.  Where he went, the Peiran went with him, who he met,
the Peiran also met, what he learned, the Peiran learned, ten years is a long time to
be so closely knit together.

Solon's first stop was Egypt. There, according to Herodotus he visited the Pharaoh of
Egypt Amasis II.  He also spent some time with two Egyptian priests, Psenophis of
Heliopolis and Sonchis of Sais. At Neith's temple at Sais he received from the priests
an account of the history of Atlantis.

Next Solon sailed to what is today Cyprus, where he oversaw the construction of a
new capital for a local king, in gratitude for which the king named it after Solon,

Solon and his Peiran crew sailed the entire mediterranean and his collection of
knowledge grew. The Peiran too had changed, they were no longer simple skilled
seafarers, their inborn knowledge of the sea was now being combined with the
knowledge taught them by Solon and gained with him during this 10 year voyage
and meetings with Kings and Incredible people in many lands.
After 10 years away Solon returned to Athens and Greek life, he died on Soloi or

What concerns us is what happened then to the Peiran.
With so many contacts now made, together with the Egyptian Privateers the Peiran
set up trade routes throughout the central and eastern Mediterranean.
A chosen few, one could say the Disciples and top students of Solon, were given the
ship and took over the reigns of Solon's research and map making.  All the time
reporting back to Solon.

After the death of Solon, the 'Association' of the Peiran changed into the
'Brotherhood' of the Peiran and gained control of the Solon/Peiran records in Athens
which were then taken and hidden away in a secret place on Cyprus and in doing so
also inadvertently hid away much of Solon history. The Peiran base remained on
Cyprus for hundreds of years.

So until now these Peiran seem to be an educated and fine group of seafarers and
gatherers of knowledge all of which brought back to Greece and a positive part to
the advancement of Humanity at that time, including democracy. In fact some of the
knowledge was so far forward it took years or even generations to fully understand
and use

In fact the meaning of Peiran is: 'Those that boldy go'  
Star Trek echoes this.
However when one translates Peiran, which is a Greek root word, we come to the
word Pirate.  (Peiran to peiratēs to the latin piratae to pirata to pirate.)
Hold on ! you say, you mean these nice Solon disciples ended up as bad pirates?
No, the meaning of the word changed but not the Peiran who are still called the
Peiran whilst suffering the ongoing and historical indignations caused by a very few
rogues who called themselves Pirates some 2000 years later.

Therefore it simply cannot be that the Peiran Brotherhood, the searchers of the
Atlantis gateways with their knowledge of the 'Gods' could somehow turn into a
crazed Blackbeard. People have been led to believe that Pirates and Piracy started
with Treasure Island and ended with Johnny Depp, when in fact it was born 2500
years ago and conceived for a very different purpose than that of Johnny Depp films.
Rogue Pirates that attack shipping are the very opposite of the principle of the
Peiran which is deeply based on trade and marine knowledge. ie, it was trade that  
paid for the conquest of knowledge.

The Peiran DNA, sea knowledge and secrets is imbeded in Greek and Cypriot DNA
and was responsible for the growth and an importance if not reverence given by
enemies during the many conflicts. From Alexander the Great to the Roman Empire
and on to the Byzantine and the Ottoman Empire eras the Peiran led Greek and
Cypriot shipping paid a majority part.

In 1981 the Greek shipping fleet was in fact the largest in the world.
One day, this deep knowledge and total understanding of the sea will once more be
required by Humanity. The original Peiran DNA is alive today, hidden in the Greek
love for the sea which is far deeper than in peoples of other Nations and in Peiran
disciples and seagoers all over the world, it will be ready to produce those, who once
more, will be called upon to use the hidden knowledge of the sea and the Peiran
ability to 'Boldly Go' to the benefit of Mankind. home page
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