Hello, I have come to give you some useful information and a message.
Who are you?
My name is Capt Anthony Cummins, I am a Master Mariner, a Peiran and retired Pirate.
Pirate!  How did you get in here?
I'm a Pirate.
We don't want any filthy pirate scum here! Go away or I'll have you arrested for interrupting our serious
valuable work, we have shit to sell so fuck off!
But I've come with this info for you and for your work, which I feel you are doing a little wrong and we
Pirates have come out of our invisibility to offer you this info free as a gift to benefit Humanity.
We don't want any filthy Pirate gifts or messages, we are already printing shit and making money so get the
fuck out of here! Guards!  That's also the reason only 9% of you readers will get to the end of this article or
to page 2.

So I sadly said thanks and goodbye to Him, Her, Them and It, be they famous writers who even knowingly
have got it wrong but must continue to believe the stuff they write in order to sell their books, or even
NASA whose research budgets can never be altered and anyway they are always right, these 'Researchers' all
have the same thing in common, new information from sources new or from places they do not understand
are taboo and shunned and the only thing they know how to do well is to slam the door in the face of too
many uncomfortable truths that come from outside of the box.
This has happened to us all too often that in the end I thought to myself, 'hold on a minute, if a messenger
were to come to me and he/her was covered in shit or blood and guts, I would still accept the message, in
fact I would be anxious to open it'. This I thought would be common logic, it was then that I realised
something was not as it should be.
I am not an educated writer, in fact I hardly went to school and ran away to sea at the age of 14. I was lucky
to be able later to educate myself and avoid the poison of the classroom. A few years later I became a
Peiran Pirate and learned the reality of this world as known and taught to me by my Brethren Masters, I am
a simply a representative from the other side of the coin.

Peiran Pirate abilities and skills in regard to the sea are second to none. A Pirate needs no gps or compass to
know where he is or where to go, he needs no depth sounder to know how deep is the sea or even what is
on the bottom.  With the ability to converse with Marina Animals and to listen to the sea itself and
understand what she is saying. Writers in their study with no matter how many books or computer programs  
cannot do this, Nasa with it's satelites cannot do this.  Yet perhaps a lone South Pacific fisherman bobbing
up and own on his boat can so it must be made possible to connect the two.
So I insisted in my efforts to get this info out and got in contact with Professor Stephen Edberg who is the
top man at the NASA sea level operation and after crashing his own numbers it showed that even if all the
ice caps completely melted it would cause an increase in sea levels of less than 14 inches (32 cm). I relayed
to him my agreement on these figures and presented him with an explanation as to why it ‘would seem’
that sea levels are rising when in fact they are not. At that point like all the others I was spammed. End of
conversation and contact.
After attempting to contact other climate change Orgs and even HRH Prince or Wales. I was met with the
usual ‘don’t call us’ thank you letter. That was when I became even more suspicious, knowing that I held
unique info that was helpful to all. So why was I being marginalized? Was it because I am a Pirate or is the
problem the message itself which they obviously knew would reveal stuff they would prefer to remain

The message comes from the sea.

The seas and oceans to most people are ignored as being important even though they are a main part of the
planet itself. This is due to a non understanding of the mechanics of the sea. The seas and oceans are seen
by most people as big lumps of water that sit there doing nothing. This thinking is most unfortunate, as the
seas do almost everything in the creation of life on this planet and without them we would not be here.
60% of the oxygen we breathe comes from the seas; that’s four times as much as the Amazon rain forests,
which we are constantly asked for donations to save.  Of course there are orgs like, Save the whale, save
the Dolphin, save the Turtles and save the Save, all collecting millions in donations and doing nothing, this
includes our old friend Capt Sea Shepherd himself who in his meglomania world thinks illegal fishermen are
pirates and has taken, or better stolen his company sea shepherd symbol from our Pirate flag which is
somewhat ironic. All of these orgs are soley about money and have nothing to do with understanding the sea
and curing her ills, they do Zero. The seas are alone, they are not listened to except by Peiran, Pirates,
Privateers and true seamen all the way down to the lone fisherman in his canoe, the seas can only speak to
us because no one else is listening.
So let me start in the simplest of ways by explaining the importance of the sea and her tides and currents,
the movement of deep water without which everything would stagnate and life as we know it would not be

The Tide.
Sitting on the beach and watching the tide as it comes in and goes out, most of you have seen and
experienced this and many of you will know that the tides are influenced by the gravitational pull of the sun
and moon and that is why when the sun and the moon are in the same part of the sky, we have higher tides
than usual. The part of this scenario that is completely misunderstood but so important to understand is the
fact that when you see the tide coming in, it is not what it seems; In fact, it is the beach that is entering
into the sea. In fact all the waters, seas and oceans are static; they remain pulled as they are by the
sun/moon gravitational effect, then as the planet turns on it's axis the waters that appear to move are in
fact staying exactly where they are, pointing to the source of the gravitation pull. Of course, as the moon
moves it exacts a differing effect to about 50% of water ‘movement’ whilst the sun is always static,
applying the other 50%. Of course, I can understand the difficulty in getting ones head around the fact that
when you see the tide coming in, the water in fact is not moving and it is in fact we on the beach who are
moving toward the water, but once you understand this everything becomes that much clearer and easier to
So I put it to NASA by asking their sea level program, at which point do you measure the height of the sea:
high tide, low tide, in the middle of the ocean, etc, where ? I asked because seas would have to be
measured everywhere at the same time over period of at least 26 lunar months to arrive at an answer. Have
you started I asked, do you want my help?  However, as I say, I was marginalized for asking the wrong
question.  So let's leave that world of nutty Professors in white coats clutching their clipboards.  They must
know exactly what is happening and are simply there to invent distractions or divert away uncomfortable
So I started to take the measurements myself and by taking several world station measurements of a
particular high tide, starting with Dover, California, NY and Osaka, I found that in all instances the actual
high tide was higher than the predicted high tide by a notable amount. In the case of Dover, nine inches
and California eight inches with NY and Osaka a little less but still up, measurements were of tides with no
adverse weather conditions to cause such a rise.
I was then a guest on a radio show for Stanford University where I mentioned this ongoing tidal occurrence
and explained that beneath our feet there is a great ocean of magma which, like the sea, is experiencing
high and low tides and this higher than normal tide of the sea means a similar high tide is taking place under
our feet in the magma which then puts a greater pressure on the undermantle and could create earthquake
activity and advised them to do a study and correlate Californian high tide times with earthquake activity. I
followed this up by sending a detailed email to Stanford but unfortunately I was once again spamed with no
further contact.  How strange that people living on an earthquake fault would ignore any information
regardless of how outlandish it may be or the source of the information, one would have thought due to a
sense of survival they would collate all info and at least say thanks.
As for NASA, well, I informed them that they had no need for several satelites and banks of computers to
calculate past sea levels. I advised them that on certain rocky coasts in many parts of the world lives a tiny
minute little microbe animal that lives where the surface of the sea meets the rock, the only diet of this
microbe is the rock itself and it can only live and do this at sea level and has been doing this for millions of
years, so, simply by looking at the rock, the shape of it will show you the different levels all the way to the
lowest going back hundreds of thousands of years . The shape of the rock carved out by the microbes will
show how fast it went up or down in any particular period or era. I explained in much more detail than
written here which is just to give you an idea of the broad spectrum of information I was offering. You
don't need banks of computers or satellites, just look at and measure the rock ! Everything I told Nasa was of
a purely marine nature, I am a Marine Captain albeit Pirate, so why on earth was I and this useful
information spammed?
Probably because it was true and natural info that I was offering and not part of the bullshit that these
people are paid millions to spit out to the Media and to the people.
So let me tell it how it is, we do not have a problem with rising sea levels at all, even if all the ice caps
were to melt overnight it would be a somewhat unhappy moment for some with up tp 4ft or 1.2 meters but
well short of a catastrophe or end of the world scenarios.
What we really have is not a change in sea level, although it may appear to be so, it is in fact an additional
quantity of higher than normal high tides of around +3%.
Remembering always that a similar higher than
normal high tide is happening at the same time in the vast ocean of the Magma beneath our feet.
So what then is creating a 3% rise in the tides? Whatever it is can only be gravitational and can therefore
only be an off-Earth object within our solar system with a gravitation force of considerable size,
ie,3% the
size of the sun and moon combined. At this moment in time, it would be useless to hazard a guess as to
actual size but the limitations of such a guess would make it bigger than the moon and smaller than the sun.
This then is the simple info the sea is telling us. Something bigger than the moon and smaller than the sun is
out there right now pulling the seas at one of the high tide marks.
My work in the South China Sea and the Philippine Sea allowed me to become a world expert on the San
Bernardino Strait. This strait is unique and not an original or natural strait. The full force of the Pacific flows
through that strait to a maximum of 11 knots but with a 3% increase in tide heights it now flows up to 14
knots and makes it impossible during those times to work it. I tell you this to explain how finely-balanced
the situation of the seas and oceans are and there are many such straits above and below the seas.
Measuring them with satellites as NASA does, will not give you the info that can be obtained on the sea
(I also offered Nasa a sea/ocean current monitoring system again no reply.)

This increase in Tide and Current is recent and was first noted 3 years ago although it may have started
prior to that. The increase accelerated over a period of 2 years to the present 3% and then in this last year
has remained stable at 3%  This suggests that whatever it is, it is 'parked' and in a position in our solar
system to cause the minimum disturbance to this planet.
However should it change it's position and was to place itself in a different position or move just a bit
nearer to Earth, the gravitational pull would increase significantly and cause the seas to rise up in a single
world tidal tsunami that would wash over the entire planet.

What is a world tidal tsunami?
Imagine you are back at the beach again. The tide comes in and in and in. In fact it doesn't stop coming in.
It keeps coming in for hours and when everything is flooded it ebbs out again. The ebb is the bad part. The
ebb is much faster, It ebbs so quickly that it takes with it everything in its path, carving new canyons and
ebb ways with billions of tons of dead trees, animals, life and even rocks and mud, lots of mud. A few hours
later, back it comes again only this time it is more flotsam mixed with mud than water and billions of tons
of everything you can imagine crashes down on anything that by a miracle is left standing. This total twice a
day destruction pushing always further and further across the land that goes on for days and even weeks.
At the end of this event most of the planet land masses are covered in mud and the seas themselves are like
a liquid mud. The surface of the sea will be deeply covered with trees and dead animals and yes dead
people, all of which will slowly be deposited on the sea bad or washed up onto lowlands forming coal and
oil deposits, then for many years after the event the sea will still be depositing mud on the seabed with
only the deep water oceans and seas clear and able to sustain marine life.

The survivors will be those in the mountains and on high ground which remained above the limit of a World
Tsunami to about 10,000 feet or 3000 meters approx. Several areas in northern Europe and north Asia will be
slightly less affected. Surviving Humanity would have to wait many years before they could return to lower
ground as the lands now covered with mud would contain significant amounts of salt and make agriculture a
problem, rain washing the mud lands to disperse the salt and allow for seeding would take up to a
generation in most places. Almost everything that was life on the surface will now be under the mud, the
trillions of trees, animals and plants will become oil, gas and coal for future Humanity to discover and use
thousands of years later.
At the same time as the sea Tsunami a Magma Tsunami will cause erratic and enormous pressures under the
mantle and earthquakes and volcanic activity will be immediate and non stop almost everywhere, the
darkness caused by the volcanic smoke and fire filled atmosphere will block out the sun and cause a mini ice
age in just a few years.

All of this end of times chaos would be caused simply by placing an ‘object’ in a certain solar position. Of
course there are those who state with authority that the cause of lost past civilisations was due to an
asteroid hitting earth.  This could of course cause a blackening of the sky and a mini ice age and if the
asteroid fell into the sea it would indeed cause a Tsunami but such a Tsunami would be local to any one
ocean or sea and not world wide, it would also be a single wave as with any standard Tsunami and could not
build a force that could sweep across south America all the way to the Andes, only a Tidal World Tsunami
could create such power and force.  Asteroids have been blamed for everything, from killing off the
Dinosaurs to lost civilisations and it has become too easy and comfortable to believe that they are to blame.
Apart from the worldwide stories of various Noah’s, in my book, The 13th Day, I explain in a fairy story way
that this event has happened at regular intervals several times already in our past.
The magma, a liquid like the seas, has put changed pressures on the inner mantle. Earthquake and volcanic
activity had increased violently as the sea tides rose  but seem to have settled to a calmer and more regular
pattern. This points toward an additional increasing gravitational force that for some strange reason has
become stable or positioned in order to cause minimal gravitation effect or damage on the planet.
For an ‘object’ to change course or speed, to position itself or simply stop, requires the ability of control
and therefor whatever is out there it is not your everyday planet or asteroid, it is in fact more like a ship.
Although it may look rather like a planet, it is in fact a ship with the capacity of voyage.
There will also be
a captain and crew; How nice a thought for one like myself, I've taken away 8 ships in my time, once I
captured two ships at the same time, how wonderful it would be to capture a Ufo.

At this point may I refer you to a page on my web site which translates an extremely old, circa 550BC,
Peiran prophecy. In short it describes what is happening now and
what we are about to see.
The sea is alive; it is a living thing. It has no eyes but can see. It has no hands but it can feel. For the lucky
few of us able to understand and converse with the sea, we find it difficult to relate what cannot be
described. What the sea is experiencing right now is a new kind of stability caused by the sun or from the
direction of the sun, rather than lunar effects.
Therefore, the control of Earth’s stability is being affected from the center of the solar system, rather than
the outer, perhaps an area behind the sun. The fact of the matter is, to position one’s ‘ship’ in a way as to
do minimal damage shows a plan of protection already in act.
So if a few pirates know what the sea knows and the sea who got it from the magma, then I find it strange
that people like NASA don’t know. But, of course, they must know and are therefore an integral feed-back
part of the program.
Knowing the aim of the program and inevitable outcome is another matter
Forget the distractions of the climate change and melting ice cap stories. Turn to the sea, the mother of all
life and connect to her. Understand what and who she is then measure her. Measure her here and there and
everywhere and she will point to your Planet X / Nibiru or whatever it is that is out there before you
actually get to see it.

The problem in understanding why and what is happening.
Humanity continues as always in thinking vainly, we have always thought everything was about us, until
recently it was thought that the Earth was the centre of the Universe and everything revolved around us,
Galileo was named as a heretic when he proved otherwise and even now with our technology and Iphones
we think we know everything when in fact we know virtually nothing at all.
Humans have on this planet for hundreds of thousands of years, some even say millions of years, once they
lived just like the animals, then something happened only four or five thousand years ago, we learned to
write down words, one wonders when prior to that we learned to talk.  In this short time writing has gone
from Sumerian cuniform to so many different languages and writings and the world now uses English as a
common world language and has even invented Html.  We tend to forget that only 150 years ago very few
people could read or write at all, those who could were for the most part in high places of learning, rich or
Politicians, Doctors and of course Priests, the populace were completely ignorant in words. Just a hundred
years ago it was common practice for most of the populace to take a letter to a reader to understand it and
then the reader would write a reply, usually for a small fee, even in the first World war in the trenches a
reader/writer was on hand for the soldiers, this means that in just 100 years we have gone from illiterate to
Ignorance gives power above all to religions and the priesthoods who claim a connection to invisible gods in
the sky who then using our illiteracy convinced us that we are the chosen ones and God loves us. Priests
were able to do this because they read from a big colourfull and Holy book. Simply by opening the Holy
book the priest already had his , mostly illiterate congregations attention and awe and thereby their belief.  
God was said to be invisible and lived in a place called Heaven which was in the sky. For a normal working
family at that time who could not yet read or write they simply believed every single word thereby giving
the Priesthood greater long term power.
Gods in the sky in various flying machines is the common ingredient all over the world, be it Greek, Jewish,
Sumerian or Indian Gods, it seems they have appeared everywhere and we are still told that these Gods
protect us and when we die we will be sitting with them in the sky with our Angel wings.
Today almost all of Humanity can read and write and many even  in diverse languages, we have Technology
and with a simple click on Google anything can be found and translated into any language.  The awe once
experienced when the Priest opened the Holy book has transferred to opening an Internet page but nothing
else has really changed.  The Invisible man is still in heaven watching over us, his children. He knows and
sees everything and now with CCTV perhaps he sees more than ever.
In fact God's Ufo's are everywhere and seen every day and everywhere, also strange asteroids with new
planets are being 'discovered' at a rate that is a little too frequent to be casual or be simple coincidental
discoveries. There area even new Galactic signals coming in, so much activity in fact that with internet and
social media we are becoming more and more acustomed to hearing all this Ufo stuff to a point of
acceptance.  Not only are we accepting the existance of Ufo's but we are accepting the existance of Aliens
too, when just a few years ago if you saw a Ufo you were considered at best laughable or in my case too
stoned. Now even the governments, who have always consistantly denied the existance of anything at all,
have suddenly changed their tune to disclosing bit by small bit information in a way that suggests a
conditioning to future acceptance.

Think like an Alien.
So in order to try to make any sense or understand what is really going on perhaps it would be better to step
away from vain Humanity thinking and put ourselves outside the Box and in the shoes of these Gods' or
'Angels' or better still Ufo personel and/or Aliens.  Let's put the Priests words and the Bible awe to oneside
and instead of always thinking what's in it for us let's concentrate in learning what's in it for them.  
Let's be one of them, an Alien and let's start with Ufo's, so imagine if you will that we're sitting in our Ufo,
all around us are controls, communication stuff and visuals. We can see every TV channel on the planet, we
can see exactly what is happening everywhere on this planet, be it war or the usual corruption of politicians
and Bankers et al who misguide Humanity. We can see the truth of everything because we are the truth, we
alone know the program as we are part of it.  At the same time we can see the Arts, Music, Sport and even
Football. In fact the Human Bibles are correct in that we are all seeing.
All that surrounds us here on our Ufo was made in a Ufo factory and even if put together by robots it
required various kinds of raw material transformation and manufacturing plants.  It was designed and
produced physically and definately not willed into being by a thought of a spiritual God.
For each Ufo'  Humans are able to spot or even catch on our cameras there are thousands more that remain
until now cloaked and unseen. For each distinct group or type of Ufo there will be a Mother ship of a
greater size, each mother ship is commanded by a Vice Admiral who will be commanding many Ufo
Controllers and Captains plus a great logistics and engineering capacity and there are very many Vice
Admirals. So we are not dealing with a couple of Alien Guy's in a Ufo, we are dealing with thousands if not
hundreds of thousands of Alien or non terrestrial operators.
If the Ufo is a drone, as in most cases presently noted, then it will have a drone controller sitting in another
Ufo somewhere controlling it to orders. If the Ufo is manned, (Aliened), it will have a Captain and Crew
who in turn will have their own requirements, space and toilet, yes, a toilet, a subject I wil come to shortly.
So what we have before us from start to finish is an Alien plan and program put into action and now readied
here on our doorstep.  
Still imagining to be sitting in our Ufo and if I were to be the Captain and you the reader the Chief Engineer
we would have similar salaries and responsibilities, we would be paid whatever such payment would be and
obviously a bit more than the crew, we may have wives at home already spending our bonus. In effect even
though we have Ufo's we have the same 'problems' of life that all life has.
Whatever it is that is regarded as a Salary, be it Galactic credits or shares on the Galaxdaq, any operation
involving many thousands of ships and crew is a massive and calculated investment of vast proportions, the
expected result of such an investment is Profit.

So what is it that we have here on this planet to merit such a enormous investment?
Some say it must be the gold and raw materials, it is doubtful so much would be invested for a handfull of
gold bars or diamonds,  things we hold so dearly as most expensive is another expression of Human vanity
and has value only to us, after all there must be planets made of gold somewhere in the galaxy. There are
others that will say that they have come for our Souls, if this were true I'm sure they would have come in a
non materialisic way, Ufo's are not spiritual and it is important to remember that they are made in a Ufo
factory.  So what merits all this effort and investment?

The answer is what made Solon create the Peiran in the first place and can be found in every legend and
myth all over the World, even in the Bible at the creation of religion itself when 'God' met Abraham, or in
Gilgamesh and in the Enki Enlil Sumerian texts, or the Book of Enoch it is written and taken for granted, lost
as it is in all the religious stuff.
It is not my intention to offend any religious reader, I just cut out the holy stuff and see it how it is. The
start of religion comes from a meeting of God and Abraham.  
The 'Invisible man in the sky and a couple of 'crew' who actually all look much the same sit down with
Abraham and eat goat which they prefer well done and  honey, they drink milk and wine.  It doesn't matter
at all what food or drink it was, what matters is the fact that they eat and drink our food and will
eventually and inevitably require a toilet.

To be a Master Peiran one must know not only about navigation and the sea, one must also learn the 2500
years of Peiran history and in it from the very start was the availability of food.  One can only go so far
with ship supplies. The Peiran, Pirates, were not the marauding gang of yobs that Hollywood would have
you believe, Hollywood films never show the reality of shipboard life or the extreme intellegence of both
Captains and crew, each with gained natural abilities that at the time were considered magical and
heretic.  Hollywood et al do not show you that on deck will be a couple of pregnant sows 3 dozen or so
chickens, some ducks if more than one ship sailing together there would be a pony and always various
potted plants around the ship. When a Peiran ship came across an uncharted land or island, and knowing
they would pass by there again either months or years later, they would set a male and female piglet and a
cock and hen free on the island knowing that when they returned they would be eating ham and eggs. In
some places they would plant fruits, spices and seeds for trees knowing they may need the wood. Until now
the discoveries and world transformation by Pirates has been completely ignored which is a shame inasmuch
as there is much that can be learned from Peiran information. However the facts of the matter that
interesest us here is the need for food. Sure a Pirate Island is a cool place to have a party and get drunk but
its prime reason for being was fresh food.
If one takes this simple Pirate principle to a much higher level and imagine this planet as being an 'Island'  in
a sea of space.  The last time non terrestrials were here, like  the Pirates they seeded it with all kinds of

Now let me tell you what the Aliens see as profitable on this small planet island.

Wheat 800 million tons.  Rice 600 mil tons.  Milk 650 mil tons. Eggs 750 mil tons. Fish 160 mil tons. I don't
want to bore you with so many numbers but the list goes on and on and is just staggering, simply google the
words 'world production' of anything you can imagine and you will be surprised, in fact you will be
gobsmacked. All of these millions of tons of every kind of Food stuff is ready to go in and in nice space style
packaging and mostly untouched by Human hand during production.
8 billion people on this planet will consume about 15 billion meals Today and everyday, for some it will be a
crust of bread or bowl of rice for others it will be a four course meal and wine, a total of almost 3 trillion
meals a year. Because all of us have to eat we take for granted what we have.
So much for quantity but we also have quality. A Simple example, how much would a bottle of wine fetch
in the galactic market place?   Right now we have, are you ready for this ? 29,000,000,000 bottles of wine,
plus billions more of Brandy, spirits etc all bottled ready to go and each one of those bottles has a price we
would not understand on another world where like us they eat and drink and even a bottle of Earth Water
has a price. Food in the Galaxy is a prime commodity and with any commodity it is controlled by business
and investment. In the words of the Priests themselves, 'On Earth as in Heaven'.
Food then is the main commodity of Alien interest. Therefore the main part of the Alien program involves
Harvesting and Logistics.
The Harvest program must obviously harvest the maximum possible. How this harvest is to be done is a
most complex and matrix style program and obviously presently ongoing in it's pre harvest completions.
Any farmer will tell you, the harvest must be done at exactly the right moment, not a day early nor a day
late. The same rule applies for any kind of 'harvest' it's all about timing.
If we still imagine to be in the shoes of the 'Harvesters' it must be hard at times to adhere to the 'harvest'
program when watching the Ads on our TV which show everything from apple pie and custard Brandy to
Honey roasted Duck or whatever.  Of course like 'God' and his Angels at Abraham's place, they want some,
they must be going crazy right now as they watch the Great British bake off  showing buttered scones with
cream and fresh strawberries, or drooling at the mouth looking at an Irish Whiskey, all of which to us down
here is just nice ordinary stuff that we take completely for granted and anyway it may even be on offer this
week at the local store.  If it were us in the Ufo living on supplies of the usual space food even a hamburger
or a glass of fresh milk would seem mouth wateringly delicious.
Yet they stay completely silent and obey orders which until now means No Contact or at least no contact to
the populace. Physical contact on a very high secret level is and has been ongoing for a years.
A few years ago whilst active in the South China and Philippine seas, I  was asked to build and operate the
Peiran base, 'The Flying Dog' on an island off Samar in the Philippines. For more than 16 years I was charged
with running the operation.  Without going into too many details for crew and privacy reasons, I once
stumbled, as Pirates do, onto a CIA operation which was to extract two 'persons' plus CIA agents by a small
plane from Samar Island to Manila during a Typhoon and I, as a Pirate and known as such by the CIA, was on
the plane in the front seat.  Also on the plane were 4 Clones, the pilot and co-pilot and the two 'persons'
sitting with the CIA and two Nuns who by the way were also involved in the operation, all four clones were
exactly the same and in every imaginable way. Arriving at Manila our flight was the only one, the airport
was deserted and battened down for the typhoon and all flights had been cancelled and all aircraft had been
sent to other airports to escape typhoon damage, our flight was the only one. The aircraft came to a stop
just meters away from the arrival door and at disembarkation, as I was the first, I waited inside the arrival
door to keep my eyes on the CIA operation but they never entered, instead they were all four plus CIA and
Nuns sped away in big black cars directly from the plane.
So I can say with confidence that here amongst us are the preharvesters, placed in positions all over the
world, in this case S.E.Asia, to enhance and direct the harvest and of course maintain the ignorance level of
Humanity to what's going on and who must be distracted by illusions and by all kinds of means, be it wars,
terror, debt, debt being the most important, creating a system whereby Humanity is in debt to Humanity
which apart from being a major distraction it is also a main fuel for increased production levels.  To
achieve all this very complicated illusion they must have complete control and Human 'Affiliates' which I
believe to the most part they have already in place.

The situation of the 'Harvest'.  
The present leveling off of the annual production to a more stable number means that the next level of the
program is pre-logistics. Billions of tons of EVERYTHING will need to be transported to chosen sites and
taken off planet by a fleet of thousands of Ufo transport ships.. To do this will need the cooperation of
Humanity or at least the portion of Humanity required to do the job. Therefore they will have to become
visible, they will communicate to us at first through our 'leaders' and explain how they are our friends and
have come to offer us a cool deal and in exchange for the Mars Bars and Cornflakes they will give us a
flashing light. Humanity will accept the flashing light and the 'Harvest' will be completed.   
It is written in the book of Enoch that Gods Planet/Ship had tens of millions of inhabitants, be it the planet
Nibiru or something else Enoch tells us that tens of millions of Mars Bars would go down a treat up there.
We are currently at about 8 billion Humans on the planet and if we all eat 2 meals a day that's a total of 18
billion meals consumed every single day which is 66 Trillion meals a year plus the billions of glasses of wine,
beer, softdrinks and juices.  
I cannot know how these numbers impress you the reader but in Galactic terms I suggest it is big numbers
which means big food reserves and big profit.
It is also difficult to imagine that Humanity could reach 10 billion without a collapse, perhaps not even 9
billion. So at 8 billion we are probably at our maximum potential with food production approaching its
maximum. Food packaging too has taken giant strides in just the last 5 years and seems to be unified in it's
Most of all of this is in the hands of a few as are the logistics controllers.  Had the 'Harvest' taken place just
50 years ago everything would have had to be collected from corner shops, the local butcher or farmer. It
would be transported so slowly it would go off.  Now is so very different, Clones are already in control and
a simple call to their man at Nestles or DHL et al and they are ready to go. Last year the World Container
traffic carried 1.6 Billion tons which once again seems to be the 'magic' number. Harvest time is now.
Stuff is already being taken away as samples to be annalized and perhaps modified giving back instructions
to the producers to add more or less fat, sugar, starch or whatever. The producers then bring out a 'New!'
whatever which gets advertised on TV and in most cases the Ad will have something to do with space, this
is a sublime joke message that the product is fully under control and ready.
The 'Harvest' has started.  To enable the Harvesters to collect as much as possible will require the total
mind control of Humanity which is an ongoing program heavily distracting our attention mainly through,
politics, war, religion et al which will inevitably lead to our acceptance of whatever they offer which we
will be unable to refuse. The offer will include: Peace, Unification of politics and religion, wonder and awe
inspiring Technology and each day more and more goodies until the Aliens are looked upon as saviours to

As far as we Humans are concerned we must ask the question, what happens to us when we reach the point
that the supermarkets become empty and there is nothing to eat?
The Cities will be the first to experience the lack of food and will empty and as they do so  chaos will
I best described this moment in a chapter of my book, The 13th Day, where  the world was represented by
a field of crops and Humans we represented by a group of field mice who found their world ripped apart
when the farmer came into the field with a giant harvester which carved and slashed everything in it's path
including the poor mice.
Like every harvest big or small, be it a farmers field or your own vegetable patch, after the harvest the soil
must be turned over and then fertilized. The invisible man in the sky is no different, his ship now full of the
harvest will depart and the Earth will be turned over, fertilized and readied to be sown again.
Am I saying this is the end of the World? Yes.

How is this going to happen?
Let's first look at the logistic timetable from a Pirate point of view.
It would seem from most ancient texts that for some reason the actual touchdown craft were quite small
including the one that flew Enoch to the 'Mothership' The same situation is found in the Enki Enlil texts and
it is as if we were on an island surrounded by shallow waters or reefs.  Therefore the Harvest collection
craft would be mostly small craft of about 2500 tons capacity or 100 containers. Every thing on this planet
moves in containers and they will know that so to think in terms of containers is very logical, perhaps they
had a hand in inventing them who knows. The collection craft will carry the harvest to large space
container ships in orbit and scurry back for another load.
Everything will be done so quickly, like the field mice, Humanity won't really understand what's happening
and will be fully distracted during the first couple of months by overtime as the factories work 24/7 and
Alien poilitics and above all Alien religion. Space ports will be hastily arranged all over the planet, Ports and
container handling areas plus Sports and Football stadiums first.
Passenger transportation Air, Sea and Rail will become limited and mostly converted to carry cargo.
Stuff will be pouring in to the collection 'Space ports' from all over but it won't all be food. Car factories
will be re-tooled to make Alien 'spare parts', all kinds of suppliers will be producing to Alien order, even
furnitures. To many people things will be looking good, after all, business is business.
But then will come day when the supermarket runs out of Mars Bars and the next day there are no eggs, then
no honey or goat and so on until there is nothing left to buy with now worthless money.
The end of the Harvest.
With the harvest collected and safe onboard space cargo ships, the Invisible man in the sky will sail away,
either to the Galactic market or to another harvest on another planet. Leaving behind total chaos which
unfortunately is also part of the program.
To leave a world of 7/8 billion Humans with an advancing technology and knowing at first hand of the Aliens
and of course the 'Harvest' would put in great jeopardy any future harvests. So once again like any harvester
or farmer the field must be turned over and covered in shit before seeding the next harvest.
Let me lead you gently to how this will happen.
The Invisible man in the sky lives on an enormous ship which is so big it looks just like a planet. Some
people call this planet X or Nibiru, the Peiran call it the Black planet meaning that it is partially invisible and
that you don't see it until it's upon you. Although this 'ship' looks and acts like a planet it is a ship and can be
manouvered, driven and 'parked' and can sail the oceans of space at will.  I have used the word 'parked'
because that is exactly what it is doing right now.
When the invisible man leaves his ship/planet will become visible to us all and within just a few days it will
be clear that it is moving nearer and as it does so it will create great movement in the earth.  Increased
volcanic and earthquake activity will become a daily event and the sea tides will rise even further.
As the Invisible man's planet crosses it's nearest point to us the seas will follow it drawn to it's gravitational
pull and a great World wide Tidal Tsunami will sweep across the face of the earth. Humanity and our
civilisation will be swept away and gone forever as with so many civilisations before us. We Peiran call this
the 'Crossover'.
A small Alien fleet of seeders will be the only ones to remain. They will carry the seeds of life, Humans,
Animals, everything. Expert at what they do the seeders will know the time required and sites on a now
much modified planet earth to re seed.  
There will also be numerous survivors who by luck or judgement found themselves in Tsunami protected
areas of the planet mostly in northern lands and mountains.
The survivors who a few days prior to the event had Ipads and cell phones connected to Google now have
nothing, no pen and no paper, nothing and a generation later lose the ability to write. Not that they would
even have the time to write home about it, they would be too busy trying to survive, to find food being
the first priority.
If they do survive then together with the 'saved' Humans they will hand their history down with words,
through legends and fairy stories until one day they rediscover writing and put pen to paper and write down
stories about a great flood that was commanded by
an Invisible man in the sky.

Is all bad? Isn't there any good news at all?

Yes there is some good news, see part 2.
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the incoming situation through the
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