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The Turtles Birthday
The Turtle swam on, she was now very close,
there were cracks in her shell and blood from her nose.

Exhausted and broken she came to my boat,
a sigh, or a cry came out of her throat.

Rest here I said, then offered some fish,
she just closed her eyes, like she was making a wish.

Above flew a Gull without making a sound,
as a mystical stillness seemed to fall all around.

I climbed in the sea and the Turtle I held,
the Gull flew down and joined us as well.

I took off my shirt and a bandage I made,
cleaned up the Turtle as the Gull squarked and swayed.

After a while when the bleeding had stopped,
Turtle opened her eyes and said with a cough;

"It was something like Thunder! The sea did explode,
of the eggs that I carry, I've lost most I know.

I swam with my Sisters, they were just up ahead,
they were swallowed by thunder,I'm sure they are dead."

The pain I was feeling was not easy to hide,
both me and the Gull silently cried.

Then the fish I had offered the Gull tore apart,
and digging inside pulled out its heart.

Flapping and squarking put the heart in my hand,
though it took me some moments to quite understand.

From the palm of my hand Turtle licked at the heart,
then said she was ready and now must depart.

"And thank you" she said as she leaned more my way,
"For the kindness you give on this my birthday,"

Me and the Gull watched til she was gone,
but the bond we all formed until now lingers on.

I started my engine and headed on home,
my Gull friend followed, I was never alone.

All below creatures, those above, those in shame,
know what happened and know who's to blame!

Anthony Cummins 2002

Turtles passing through the San Bernadino Strait are 85% Females.
Those coming in from the Pacific through the San Bernadino Strait they are full with eggs and those going to the Pacific have usually successfully laid their eggs.

Turtles are loners and do normally not have the communication skills of animals who travel in groups such as Whales and Dolphins. but when passing through this Strait they have to negotiate and avoid the Dynamite fishermen of the village of Burobod.

Turtles who happen to be at a natural depth of  7 to 20 meters and within a range of two kilometers from a dynamite blast suffer ear damage.
Most levels of ear damage are enough to block the navigational senses of the Animal, whereby these unlucky Turtles when reaching the Pacific Ocean, swim in circles, lose their will to live and catch food and finally die.

Confused Female Turtles with eggs attempt to lay on any Island rather than the one of their memory and destination, or they abort and try to regain the Pacific Ocean but in either case remain doomed to a confused and wandering death.
Sounds from explosions travel 900 times faster underwater than sound travelling through the air and reaches three times as far!  
Underwater, a "BOOM!" becomes a piercing arrow-like "CRACK!" flollowed by deafness.

Using my Red Sea name and adding 'Doctor',  I invented a ficticious Dr Arabone who went on through a Geocities web site, (sadly geocities has closed but the site can still be accessed through ; http://web.archive.org/web/20050309105555/http://www.geocities.com/RainForest/Jungle/5835/dolphins.html  it may take some tie to load as it is the web archive.) The result was a 4 year war against the dynamite fishermen and the dynamite suppliers.  We were forced to attack this eco disaster because the WWF, Save the Whale and in fact ALL the eco orgs did NOTHING or refused to hear our plee for help.
The name Arabone was used for anonimity due to political ties between the dynamite manufacturers and politics.

We acted in our Pirate way and alone.
Dynamite is still used in distant areas but has been reduced by 80%, this means only two Dolphins or turtles now die instead of ten.

I can go into further details on this story on request.
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copyright 2010  Anthony Cummins.