Micro plastic has been identified as the biggest toxic that is present in the
rivers, seas and oceans and it will be in the eco system for decades.

Micro plastics and its toxins are in fact a fine plastic powder and impossible
to completely filter out, in fact they have now been found in bottled water.

Every year millions of tons of this fine powder gets washed through our
system, rivers and finds it's way to the sea.

The success of the Sky Ocean rescue and the many other similar campaigns
in reducing the use of plastic will become visibly positive in just a few years.

However the seas are already awash with micro plastic which has already
entered our food chain, fish eat it and eventually our children's children will
eat it.

Unless we can rid the Sea of this problem it will be with us for a 100 years.

Present filter technology cannot help us to get rid of these toxins or even limit
the length of time they will remain in the seas.

So what can we do about this?

There is an answer, a very simple ecological and natural solution that will
quickly rid the seas of micro plastic toxins within just a few years.

Let me present: Mr Mussel.
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