The main religions, Christian, Jewish, Islam and the hundreds of diverse
factions of these original groups all stem from one single moment in time.
The meeting of God and Abraham.
So to understand whats going on between these faction we must re visit
the crime scene,
ie, the meeting of God and Abraham.
Abraham lived in Mamre, a town north of the present Hebron. Like the
inhabitants of this market town Abraham was a marketeer and would have
lived in a nice big house and the fact that God came to him suggests he was
the main man and boss of the entire area.
So the religious projected image of a poor Abraham sitting outside his little
tent is unacceptable.
When Abraham states that 3 Angels have arrived it confirms he knew what
was an Angel and this was not the first meeting with Angels. It was only
when very close to them that he noticed one of them was different, in fact
it was God himself!   This poses the question, what was the very small
difference only noted close up?   It could have been that he saw the face
inside a space helmet or even an extra star on the uniform, we will never
So the first thing Abraham does is to prepare a feast, being the prime
marketeer he has all the ingredients at hand but even so it takes time,
killing, cooking and eating at least a couple of hours.  This is a very long
time for God and his Angels to dedicate to Humanity unless it was an
unavoidable time, a Human time, the time required for Humans to do
Abraham did not live in a tent in the desert, that image is fake news.  
Abraham was the main trader, marketeer and commanded a network of
those like himself to an extent whereby Abraham was the market. So the
length of time of God's presence was the time it took for his order to be
filled and delivered to his flying machine.
With all this feasting and the time factor one would think the Angels or
God himself to need a pee or. The fact is, if the Angels and God eat and
drink with Abraham they also eat and drink on their flying machine or at
home wherever that is. They eat, they drink, like us, all the time.
During this 2 hour time frame we have the famous conversation between
Abraham and God and when God says he is going to destroy Sodom and
Abraham was not happy about that at all. Sodom and Gomorrah where big
customers and his cousin Lot runs the markets there.
God refuses to go against the program but decides to a tiny change and
sends two Angels to get Lot and his family out of Sodom before it's
destroyed. Perhaps because the program had this added byte the story gets
way out.
When the two Angels arrive at Lot's house, he is alone. So his wife and two
sexy daughters were 'around' in Sodom the very bed of filth and evil.  Then
people realise there are two Angels in Lot's house so they come not to pray
or bow down but to sexually assault the Angels, in short, fuck them. The
two angels had no obvious defence, this is shown by the pleadings of Lot to
sexually assault his wife and daughters instead of the Angels.
No way would the crowd of sexually depraved stop calling for a gang bang
because to them the two Angels were extremely attractive suggesting
female yet not women like Lot's daughters, these were different, more
Somehow Lot's family is all together and with the help of the two Angels
and a blinding laser flash, they made their escape from Sodom and ran
towards the mountains. When Sodom was nuked, Lot's wife had not made it
into the mountain and she was nuked too.
Lot, his two daughter and the Angels made it into a cave on the mountains
and were saved believing that everyone was dead and that they were the
only ones left.
Amazingly the two daughters decide to get their father drunk and to get
pregnant by him so as to re-build Humanity.  One wonders doesn't one,
how much beer a father would need to fuck both his daughters. One
wonders what the two Angels were doing at that time, after all, Angels too
drink beer.
But of course the ultimate question must be, where did the beer come
from? It seems there was a lot of beer, (pun), what was it doing there up
the mountain, did the Angles bring it? If so what were they doing with all
that beer?
Religions change concepts and the above story basic as it is falls into the
category of, 'God moves in mysterious ways.'  
This entire story has only two basic ingredients, food marketing and sexual
perversion with destruction it's finale.  Yet it's finale has become it's re
birth through the various religions.
Returning to basic fact, food and drink. God and his Angels consume food
and drink and will inevitably discard waste products, ie, piss and shit.  Is it
possible an entity who needs to eat and drink beer could be responsible for
creating the Universe?
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