Secrets are really bad shit aren't they? so why do we have them, where did they
come from?

Secrets are tools of power because the owners of secrets have a power over those
who wish to know the secret which is often taken further by the invention of secrets.
The big secrets are held by the big powers.  Bilderberg. Illuminati. Masons.
Vatican. Rosicruxians just to name a few. They are obliged to protect their
particular secrets in order to protect their very existence and to do this they have
and do the most horrific, inhumane and absurd actions which include, wars,
famines and Human division.

The 'historic' secrets being the most powerfull and often connected to religion have
placed themselves in untouchable and unchallenged positions.

The power of secrets is unique, from tiny little stuff to heights unimaginable.
Perhaps the first secret was in cave man times, when a cave man enters the cave
and tells the others he has found a load of buffalo up river. The chief cave man
says cool news but let's not tell the cave men who live down river, we will keep this
info for ourselves and call it our 'Hidden info'  our 'Secret'.
So since then in one way or another we live our lives in and are surrounded by
secrets, what a shit situation. If a secret is hidden away it's the same as telling a lie,
it's hidden so it's truth cannot be seen or interpreted or indeed examined. 'We know
where the Gold/Body is but we are gonna keep it a secret. Fuck off!

The demise of the Pirates is because they had no secrets, they had knowledge
and wished to share it, from this knowledge the World was 'discovered' by the
Pirates and for this reason they were painted negative to a level of overkill never
Pirates knew and still now so many secrets and these secrets were told and
became protected but the source of the secret, ie, the Pirates were indeed
overkilled in such a way that anything they say or reveal is automatic bullshit and
cannot be believed.

Billions are spent on secrets, the CIA, MI5/6 and the Kremlin the biggest spenders
followed by the EU and virtually every power of state on the planet and all of them
constantly trying to get the secrets of the others and protect their own.

A secret remains a secret as long as the secret holders maintain the secret, which
is not as easy as it sounds, the bigger the secret the more people involved creating
complications in protecting it.

In my younger days I had to sign the official secrets act which forbids me to say
what happened at that time. Of course now I don't care about what I signed but at a
younger age I did keep quiet about it for a while, I mean when you have two spooks
and two lights in your face just like in the films, well, it's a bit impressionable.
Time however does tend to kill off the importance of such secrets, in my case it
concerned helping an East German get across to the west. Now there is no East
Germany so it is a pointless secret.
Let's take as an example a tiny secret.  Drunken Bob his friend Phil that he has a
secret lover. Phil asks, 'What's her name'  Bob replies 'Maureen'.  End of secret
and the start of a whole lot of other complicated stuff.
The complicated stuff becomes more complicated the higher one goes up the
power table of secrets.
The bigger the secret the more disastrous the complications.

Secrets are also part of a higher knowledge whereby the holder of the secret
knows more than the uninitiated.  There are so many secret societies with secrets
or bits of secrets where the uninitiated may join at a basic level of knowledge of the
secret and in time ascend to higher levels. Such a mechanism is used to prolong
forever the sceret/s and the power, generation after generation.

It seems that our present civilisation exists and revolves within a matrix of secrets,
be they war, finance, discovery. The secret weapons of today are in reality no
different than the secret weapons of thousands of years ago, nothing changes, it
just gets bigger.
Secrets are by nature corrupt and they cause further corruption which breeds
worldwide corruption to the point where civilisation is corrupt.
Our civilisation has become so used to this state of corrupt living that we would find
difficulty living in a world where there were no secrets.

Hey, do you want to know a secret?   Of course you do.