Every living thing shits.

The animals shit, the fish shit so do the insects, birds, micro organisms and everything you
can think off which obviously includes us, the Queen, the President and all the perfectly
modeled film stars, they all shit.

In fact even God shits, according to the Bible, with Abraham he ate a goat dinner, drank
wine, milk and had honey so sooner or later he will have needed a piss and a shit.

In a way even the tress and plants shit, they give out gases, which in effect is a fart, shed
their leaves and uneaten fruit which rots and mixes with the shit and becomes more shit.

Life itself relies on shit.  

The very soil we plant in, that we play on or even sunbathe on is a mixture of sand, stone,
clay and for the most part shit.  We even put Fertilizer on it which is putting more shit on
the shit, so the percentage is climbing.

So one ponders the question what came first life or shit?

A planet without shit cannot sustain life, so in our case as a virgin planet shit would need to
be either brought in or a method of on planet shit production instigated. The only
sustainable life that could be planted at that time were  mosses and grasses and only in the
marshlands and wet regions, so this was done acting as a shit foothold.
After which a machine was brought in to turn the grasses into shit. The machine was very
big and produced great quantities of shit, the machine was called a Dinosaur.
For thousands and thousands of years these Dinosaurs munched away at the grasses,
reeds and mosses creating great loads of shit and soil everywhere they went.
Once the plantation areas were enough full of shit a Dinosaur eating Dinosaur was brought
in to eat the grass eating ones. This created even more shit and the auto elimination of the
Dinosaurs who after doing their soil making job were now be a liability to serious planting

Shit is amazing, once the first shit production is combined and made into soil it  will
reproduce itself a trillion fold very quickly.  
No one can survive on Mars, the moon or any other planet without shit so after the
Dinosaurs a whole lot of other shit producers were introduced to the program, most
importantly insects. If you took all the insects today and weighed them they represent
60% of the weight of all life on this planet, including Elephants, therefore they are also the
biggest shitters on the planet, in more ways than one.

Now the World is full of shit, it's everywhere, so much so that we don't know what to do
with it. Yet for some mysterious way we have this ability to ignore it, pretend it does not
exist, flush it away quickly as if it has nothing at all to do with us. Even when we see it being
sprayed on a farmers field we look away in disgust yet we eat the wonderful carrots the
farmer grows in this same shit. We become angry when a birds shits on the car, we make
laws against dog shit and argue with the neighbour because his cat shit on the lawn. In fact
we have downgraded shit to a point where it cannot exist in our imitation pure world, like
the pureness of the actress as she walks along the red carpet and the media frenzy and
flashes, we want that image but to imagine that same actress taking a shit is not easy to
put into the mind because the vision of her shit destroys our vision of living in the pure
pretty and clean non shit world that the actress portrays.

Shit has been downgraded in our lifestyle to almost evil. On twitter or Facebook how many
times a day do you read, 'Yr a shit'  'You are full of shit'  plus emoji's and variations that
use shit offensively as an abuse.  
Obviously those who write, 'you are full of shit' do not themselves realise that what they
are saying is truth because  yes we are indeed all full of shit including the writer.  Without
the process of changing food into shit inside our bodies we cannot live or even exist.

The fact is, everything eats and consumes everything. From the tiny microbe to the biggest
creature and on to the planets which will eventually be eaten by their own sun which itself
will be eaten by a black hole. Nothing escapes this Universal law. Eat and be eaten.

Shit then is a vital part in the Universal creative expression of physical life.

Fossil fuels, that's the stuff you put in your car, the gas you cook the spaghetti on etc, well
it all comes from dead animals and creatures that all died at the same time and thousands
of years ago, they degraded into oil and gas which we pump out and use.  A little known fact
is that 87% of the gas and 68% of the oil is produced by the stomach contents rather than
the dead animal itself. In effect Shit.

Bon appetite and Happy motoring.
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