The Invisible man in the sky part 2.

First of all simply knowing what is about to happen is a terrific advantage.
We are in the program phase of habitualising Ufo activity and disclosure of Alien existance, this wil lead to the next phase
that of acceptance.
Understanding the timing of the unfolding events will make the complete timetable clearer and identify the probable finish
date of the Alien 'Harvest' operation.
Obviously until the 'Harvest' is completed nothing will happen to endanger the planet, no comets, asteroids or meteors will
get close. Self destruct mechanisms such as nuclear devices will be neutralized, nothing must destroy or interfere with the
maximum possible Harvest.

Knowing the timetable and more importantly the end time is good news and allows for survival options.

From the Sumerians to the Japanese and Laotians and to our own story of Noah it would seem that prior knowledge of
the end time was available at those times.
Of course Religion tells us that it was God himself to save Noah by giving him the instructions for building the Ark. This
could even be true, Noah being one of the many 'saved' for the Alien re seeding program but the only true fact that is of
interest to us is that all these Noahs knew in advance and were saved.
At the same time there is evidence that a lot of other peoples knew it was end time but also knew how this was to
happen, they knew it would be by a World wide Tidal Tsunami.  

Apart from calculating the limit of the Tsunami and getting beyond it on higher ground there are only a couple of ways of
surviving or saving stuff.  The only known structure that can withstand such an event, or indeed a nuclear event of similar
magnitude is a
Pyramid of which there are very many all over the world.  Any other structures of any given angles or
dome shape would be swept away, only a pyramid has a natural anti Tsunami dimension.

There will be survivors in underground mini cities and tunnels which are many and secretly ongoing. However many of
these places will prove temporary and because of their positions and the Tsunami aftermath will probably end up as tombs.

Stuff can be saved in another way depending again on prior knowledge of the oncoming Tsunami and it's direction and
limits, this would apply to hill people. An example can be found in the well documented and studied Gobekli Tepe.  It
seems everyone is writing and theorising on how, when and why etc about this place and I'm not learned enough to
comment. I'm only concerned on the importance of understanding the reasons relating to the backfilling of the site and
it's connection to water. The archeology guys should take more interest in the backfill material than anything else. The
backfill took a really long time and they even threw in their refuse infact they desperately threw in whatever they could get
their hands on in the time they had available. They did this in the hope that the edge or final part of the Tsunami would
sweep over a completely backfilled Temple complex and thereby save it, in fact they were right.
From calculating the time it took to backfill Gobehli Tepe will give a clear time line of events, how long it took equals how
long they knew it was to happen,
ie, warning time. Analise the water content of each level of backfill to fine tune the data.

Captains on ships in the central Pacific, central North Atlantic and Antarctic seas, if skilled enough, should be able to
survive and ride out the Tsunami at it's weakest point, the centre of the ocean but at the end of the event they would be
without fuel, tankers excepted. Knowing this I imagine many cruise ships and tankers will indeed form fleets and position
themselves in those sea areas, they would need to remain there for several weeks or months.

If anyone for any reason were to be in space they would survive and be unaffected although after the event there may be
nowhere left on the planet to land.

Survival however is the last part of the program and before that happens a whole lot of other seemingly cool things will

For those working in the agriculture and food industries it will be a work and bonus boom, the Harvest is about food.  
But its also about spare parts and materials.  In the old days Pirates would deal with peoples who lived near wood and
arranged repair yards to repair their ships, so the engineering industry, such as Mitsubishi or VW as examples, the
Chemical industries like Bayer will be on full overtime as will many others including cloth, this is simply because Ufo's like
pirate ships break down and need spare parts, so all these industries will boom but don't book your holiday yet as this
situation will only last a few months.

Survivors who are not involved in Alien 'business' will have these few months in which to plan a survival action.
However, those who are not engaged in the Alien business will be forcibly aligned to those who do not give consensus to
the Aliens and they will number about a third of the population all will be classed as rebels or terrorists resulting in a new
kind of widespread international civil war and complete chaos outside of the Harvest areas.

Chaos is good for Pirates and for wanna be Survivors who's survival tactics and actions would go unnoticed.

The Pirate options:

1. Capture a small but fully laden oil tanker and sail it to the area of the survival flotilla.
2. Capture a Ufo.
3. Build a Ufo.

Option 1 is easy so we don't need to waste brain time on the simple logistics of this work.

Option 2 is a viable plan unless the Aliens are Pirates themselves but even then the audaciousness of the attempt would
prove positive. In it's own way to be taken prisoner to a mother ship would be a greater opportunity of survival and who
knows what else.

Option 3 is already ongoing and making progress. However it is no secret that a Peiran Ufo would be no match for any
Alien Ufo, in fact it would be rather like us laughing at an old Laurel and Hardy Model T Ford movie and of course, unless
extremely lucky, we will be captured and taken to a different kind of mothership and hopefully make the Aliens laugh
which brings more possibilities.

Obviously more lightly than this I cannot detail here.

So, do you remember the beginning of this article where I joked about how I'm generally received by the mainstream?
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