The Legend

The oldest Pirate Legend, is attributed to the Solon Peiran during the 10 years Solon sailed with them, thats more or less 535 BC that's more than 2500 years old. The construction of the Legend is significant, the unlimited search for Truth.

The Legend

One day a shipload of Pirates stormed the gates of Heaven. The Pirates quickly took over the gate area of Heaven causing confusion and great distress, the tranquility of Heaven was broken. The Gate Angel was distraught and thought for three whole days to find a way to get rid of his unwanted guests. The Gate Angel then had an Idea and on the third day he walked to the Gates of Heaven, he looked out and lifted his arm and pointed out to the clouds . A ship! A ship! he loudly shouted.

The Pirates quickly ran to the gate, A ship? Where? they asked. There two points to the lee. Said the Gate Angel adding, "Look! it's gone behind the clouds."

The Pirates ran out of the gate towards their ship shouting, A Chasse, A Chasse !. They climbed aboard their ship and sailed to where the Gate Angel had pointed and as they did so the Gates of Heaven were closed behind them. It became clear that there was no ship and that the Gate Angel had tricked them into leaving Heaven.

"There is nothing for us here." said the Pirate Captain and turned the ship and sailed in the opposite direction indicated by the Gate Angel and away from Heaven. After a while the ships Boy, the youngest of all the Pirates, asked the Captain, But Captain, why are we sailing away from Heaven? why don't we go back and storm the gates again, it would be even easier this time.

The Captain smiled to the rest of the crew, the crew smiled back and to the Boy he said, The Gate Angel lied!

Solon - Peiran circa 560 BC