Pirate Spirituality or Empathy with the Sea

If it is possible to listen to sea creatures then it is also possible to speak and communicate with them.

In a litre of sea water there are some 3 billion microbes made up of around a thousand different types. Although they are so small we cannot see them all of these minute little guys have a job to do and they are going about their business 24/7. Some of these microbes are extremely important to life on the planet and some produce 60% of the oxygen we breathe, that's twice as much as all the rain forests put together, without them we cannot live. They are the start of the marine life chain. After them come the multi cell life forms, we call plankton which are followed by krill and although still tiny are the substanance of the largest marine creatures Whales. Then come the visible forms, worms, shrimp, coral, shellfish and after them fish themselves and again they all have a reason for being and a job to do. From the tiniest invisible microbe to the largest fish they are all connected and being connected they also communicate with each other. Like us they have eyes to see, a nose to smell and ears for listening. Only recently did scientists 'discover' that Cod speak to each other. Pirates have known this for hundreds of years. Of course it is extremely difficult to hear the voice of a single cod but when there is a shoal of several thousand cod all talking with each other as they move it becomes quite easy to listen in. Todays fishermen have an electronic fish finder, it's a kind of radar to detect where the fish shoals are but hundreds of years ago successfull fishermen simply listened to the sea and the voices of the fish to find them. This shows us just how disconnected with the sea environment we have become. Fortunately in some far off places such as the Philippines, PNG and Indonesia many fishermen still have a connection and listen to the sea to be successfull in their catch. If it is possible to listen to sea creatures then it is also possible to speak and communicate with them. Returning to the billions of microbes in a single litre of sea water, around a boat or ship are uncountable zillions of microbes. Water is an element H2O, innate, however about 20% of what is seen as water is infact life in thousands of forms. If it was possible to connect to these life forms and induce a them into a directional movement what would occur is a localized movement of the sea. This capability then is a Pirate Spiritual Empathy with the sea in action. Sea salt is dried sea water. Depending from which sea it is made it will have a different colour, smell and taste. ie, Baltic sea salt is different to the North sea, Atlantic or Mediterrenean versions, this is because the microbes. that make up to 20% of the salt and got dried with the sea water were different. By tasting sea water these subtle differences can be recognized and a Pirate could know very roughly where he was by taste and all thanks to a unique mixture of invisible microbes. Sound underwater travels 3 times faster than in air and travels much farther and louder. Underwater the sound of a human voice is easily distinguable from the other natural sounds such as wind or waves. Whilst it is unimaginable that words could be understood by sea creatures, the tone of the voice is another matter, the length, pitch, tone and empathy of the human voice can have an effect on most sea creatures from microbes up. In effect it is possible to have a form of conversation with the sea. There are very many people who have this empathy and ability which they use every day, they are an unknown category so I will name them, 'Sea Whisperers'. Is this a form of Spirituality? I don't know, what I do know is it is Empathy and Empathy is a form of love. We all love creatures like Dolphins, we empathize with them, we protect them. If humanity had this same empathy and love for all the other marine creatures including the microbes they would love them too and no longer dump toxic waste, plastics and everything else on them. They, as the sea, would then thrive because they too have the right to exist and carry out their own minute work and destiny.